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Rotary Damper used in the Home Appliance

Rotary damper can be used in all kinds of home appliance, such as pull cabinet, hidden socket, pressure cooker, hearth cover, coffee machine, drawer slides, washing machine, cupboard door, ash cart, toilet seat, refrigerator, and so on.

   Rotary damper can provide motion control, which smoothes the movement of the products to extend the life of the products.

   All the rotary damper can be customized. We can manufacture the rotary damper according to the demand of the customer.

   Nowadays, with our life’s quality increasing, the product’s quality is necessary. The key to increasing the quality is rotary damper. It just a small  part of the product. But it can work a lot.

   Rotary damper has many kinds. Every products have their appropriate style. So the choice of rotary damper is different.

   Our company ,Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd , Is an enterprise to specializing the design and manufacture of rotary damper.