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        Rotary damper for electric cooker lid

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        The words "hunger breeds discontentment", a bowl of sweet and delicious Steamed Rice, not only can supplement the body's energy consumption, but also make the heart full of happiness. To make a good Steamed Rice, choose a good rice cooker is very important, and a good cooker is to choose a suitable damper.

        Let the cooker cover more smoothly is the biggest role of electric cooker damper, the rotary damper in the end is how work? For electric cooker damper is a damping oil damping wheel, the concentration of debugging to change the damping oil damper torque. Electric cooker with damper is what effect? Speed electric cooker lid on the lid after the damper will slow down the lid open, to protect people.

        Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronics Co., a specially developed damper dedicated to electric cooker.LF-40B, Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronics Co. Ltd. patent products, there is a need to contact the business line 0769-89145676

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