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        linitied rotary damper

        Writer:longjiNumber of visits: Date:2016-8-28

        Title:Limited structure rotary damper for high quality intelligent toilet seat cover

        Type: LF-36E


        This is the new type vane rotary damper, it has limited structure, this axle rotary damper can used in the toilet seat cover, not only can make the cover close softly, but also can prevent the cover falling down easily when it open.

        Technical Data:

        Body: PBT

        Revolution axle material: PBT

        Damper oil: Silicone oil

        Damping torque:

        (Provide customized torque by changing viscosity of the damper grease)

        Damping direction: right (CCW)

        Construction size: Ø 23.5 mm

        Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +70 °C

        Rotation angle max. 110°

        Note 1):Nominal torque is measured value under temperature of 23℃,humidity of 80% when standard load falls off to 15°every second;        

         2) Provide customized torque by changing viscosity of damper grease;

        3) The maximum operating temperature scope of damper: -20℃-70℃.

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