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        Do you know the amazing function of rotary damper?

        Writer:longjiNumber of visits: Date:2016-8-29

        Do you know the amazing function of rotary damper?

        Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD have received an Email last week ,called FRQ hinge for washing lid. Washing machine manufactures are our main base. were really confident because we manufactured the washing machine damper for many years and we co-operated many factories in making washing machines.

        This company have installed the vane damper in the washing machine ,but they can not satisfy with it. They want to invent a machine with the effect of small angle, however, the machine cover is so heavy. Great, our company can offer this type of Hinge mounted rotary dampers. The damper hinges torque is,it works really good.

        Installed the damper can prevent being hurt when the cover close very close to the machine bucket. The function is visible and really amazing.

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