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        New Damping Hinge for Slow Motion Closing and Opening

        Writer:longjiNumber of visits: Date:2016-9-1

        New Damping Hinge for Slow Motion Closing and Opening

        Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD has introduced its line of Aluminum Damping Hinges for the Laptop Computer, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive and other Industries. "We have responded to numerous requests from our customers for slow-close/open hinges " 'We have worked with design teams all over the country to come up with a design that can be easily adapted to numerous applications , and we expect this effort to rapidly increase our client base," " we made them of Aluminum for better corrosion protection. The design allows for customization by adjusting the length and the diameter of the shaft making the design very easy to adapt to any size and weight application. Prototypes are made very quickly and are versatile advances our goal of bringing solutions to motion control for customers around the globe, "Built on a cutting-edge technology factory, these hinges feature reliable and constant performance. With this exciting product line-up, Longji is once again redefining motion control industry." Longji's superior manufacturing processes result in time-tested quality hinges. "Our hinges' life cycles exceed 30,000 in some cases and torque tolerance has been lowered to 10-15%. Between our Design Department and the Production Facilities that we utilize, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise, and proven capabilities within a wide range of industries. "Longji and its preferred vendors have a strong track record of quality and an extensive commitment to excellence. "The key at Longji is that we work in close collaboration with the manufacturers and design houses around the world to help them develop innovative solutions that differentiate their products from that of their competitors' by enhancing the smoothness of the open or close motion,"Damping hinges are used on laptop computers or where a lid or panel needs to close on a slow motion action.Rotation Damping hinges should be carefully selected according to the number of operations they are expected to exercise and the force needed to move the part. There are torque and size limitations.

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