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        Vane damper in the showcase

        Number of visits: Date:2016-9-10

        Vane damper in the showcase

        A display cabinet manufacturer to develop a new product, asked us to do the corresponding damper .So we should make a new type of vane damper to match the showcase .under the damper designers effort, we got the good quality damper LF-38A.The rotary damper hinge adjusts to the showcase ,and the leader of the showcase company was really happy and gave us a highly praise.

        Well .now , let us tell you how the plastic soft rotary damper hinge works ?Damper through the damping oil viscosity to produce its own resistance .The silicone damping oil is different, the resistance is not the same.

        Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD has manufactured the rotary dampers for 17 years. The company is experienced in manufacturing the rotary dampers used in different shapes of lids. We can make the rotary dampers 

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