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        rotary damper

        Number of visits: Date:2016-9-21

        In the mobility of the future, the recuperation of energy plays an increasingly important role, including in a car's suspension.

         Today's dampers absorb this energy, which is lost in the form of heat," It also presents us and our customers with entirely new possibilities for adjusting the suspension."

        As an actively controlled suspension, rotary damper adapts ideally to irregularities in the road surface and the driver's driving style. A damper characteristic that is virtually freely definable via software increases the functional scope. The barrel damper eliminates the mutual dependence of the rebound and compression strokes that limits conventional hydraulic dampers. Another advantage of the new damper system is its geometry. The horizontally arranged electric motors in the rear axle area replace the upright telescopic shock absorbers, which allows for additional space in the luggage compartment.

        Rotation damping can convert the kinetic energy during compression and rebound into electricity. To do this, a lever arm absorbs the motion of the wheel carrier. The lever arm transmits this force via a series of gears to an electric motor, which converts it into electricity.




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