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        Longji damper

        Writer:longjiNumber of visits: Date:2016-12-2

        Dongguan Longji damper in the more than and 10 years of sales, or in the future sales, we keep this from first to last principle: "customers to maximize profits, profits of enterprises" win is taboo, long-term modest profit is the enterprise survival rule. There are a number of experienced manufacturers to cooperate with us for many years we find, just when the price, market survey manufacturers make compared to our fair and reasonable prices, strong production background, the arrival of our manufacturer on-the-spot investigation staff praise. For years, the price of the product several times depending on the economy, raw material price adjustment, not from both sides in profits. Disputes either ourselves, or our customers in a good procurement team, not to make a hasty decision. In the quote, holding the winning goal of violence That may be opportunistic, get one or two success, but sooner or later you will lose customers, with a good reputation in the market waiting for the fate of the enterprise, One's reputation was a byword., only to collapse. A fair and reasonable price, mutual profit, is a key to the survival of the enterprise. 

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