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        Damping hinges on the meaning of life

        Number of visits: Date:2017-2-24
        Damper hinges is actually the application of damping technology .Under normal circumstances ,when we close the cabinet door ,and will issue a “pop” sound ,the noise is so loud ,not only affects the quality of life ,but long-term impact will damage the cabinet.
        They are the typical examples of leading people towards a healthy life when the rotary damping technique applied to hardware products. In fact, damper technology is the key revolution in many industries especially in the furniture industry.
        In the field of furniture ,cabinet-door-dampers are used in it widely .In order to make the door cabinet closed securily ,lightly ,designed a lot of vane rotary damper devices ,such as installing cabinets of the soft closed damper or hide the closed damper ,however ,these silicone oil dampers need to be screwed on the cabinet ,are not affected by installation process the complexity .So come on with hinge damping.

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