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        The popular science of damper for you

        Writer:longjiNumber of visits: Date:2017-2-28

        Damper is only one component. Use it in different places or different working environment has different effect.

        Damper, for reducing vibration.

        Snubber,used in shock.

        Various kinds of applications: spring damper, the hydraulic damper, pulse dampers, rotary damper, air damper, viscous dampers, damping hinge, damping slide rail, furniture hardware, cabinet hardware, and so on.

        Dongguan longji plastic electronics co., LTD. Mainly sales: rotary dampers.High quality material processing, hard workers work carefully, producing the best dampers for the customers. Fine products, can be used in various hardware products, household goods, work items. providing the high-quality and comfortable dampers for people.

        Direct manufacturers, can dial business lines: 0769-8914567.

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