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        How to make better use of damping wheel?

        Number of visits: Date:2017-3-27


        How to make better use of damping wheel to enhance the customer experience of small household appliances? How does the damper play a role in the use of small household appliances?

        For these problems, specializing in the production of the damper to be as long as 15 years of Longji Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd., these problems were small.

        First: the installation of gear damper, is to prevent the small household appliances cover quickly fall, will not make noise, won't hand, will also extend the life of small household appliances cover, in order to achieve a better feeling

        Second: bidirectional rotary damper is generated by internal resistance damping wheel damping oil damper. To achieve the effect of buffer size is determined by the concentration of torsion damping oil damper to decide. Small appliances is generally installed above the two-way, the torque value does not require a large, there are unidirectional small resistance is lf-08, the damper both have two-way one-way damping torque range is

        Third: small household electrical appliances installed with dampers, mainly rely on the card stuck, then the axis rotation, so that it can play a slow down effect.

        In short, the use of the damper problems you can call the business line: 0769-89145676

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